BioPro Joinery Solutions

Novalab BioPro Plus is the complete solution for
cleanliness and the elimination of timber products

Product Spec Sheet       Product Properties

The Novalab BioPro Plus range of cabinets is manufactured from 13 mm thick compact laminate, providing the end user with a number of performance benefits in comparison to traditional MDF or particle board options.

  • Impact and moisture resistant &  fire retardant

  • No edge clashing to peel off or be pulled off

  • Long Life-cycling ability

  • No timber based substrate so it cannot rot or support the growth of fungi or bacteria

  • The core is compressed under heat and pressure to produce a solid, homogeneous structure resistant to de-lamination

  • Built in anti-microbial activity. Cannot wear out or rub off

  • Certified to JIS Z 2801 : 2000 and ASTM G -22

  • Sheet size: 1800x3600mm | Thickness 13mm