Dangerous goods cabinets

Novalab supply flammable and corrosive goods storage cabinets, manufactured in New Zealand, and to the applicable local standards.

Storage cabinets comply with the following standards:
AS1940, AS/NZS4452, AS/NZS3833,  AS2507 and AS3780.

  • Manufactured from electro galvanised sheet steel.
  • Finished in a high quality powder coat.
  • Double walled construction with a minimum 40 mm space between the skins.
  • Finish colours comply with internationally agreed specifications.
  • Fully labelled to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Two adjustable shelves per cabinet supplied as standard.
  • Self closing doors.
  • Ventilation points with flash arrestors.
  • Spill tray in the base.

Sizes avail: 
50L    550d x 870w x 650h  
100L  550d x 870w x 1250h  
150L  550d x 1100w x 1250h 
250L  550d x 1100w x 1900h 

Made to order. Allow 3-4 week lead time for manufacture. 


Flammable Goods Cabinets

Finished in yellow and labelled according to New Zealand Standards. Ventilation ports with flash arrestors are fitted as standard. Please let us know if you need to mechanically ventilate the cabinet so an appropriate connection point can be fitted.


Corrosive Goods Cabinet

Finished in blue and labelled accordingly. To improve the life of these cabinets, the internal surface is finished with 2 coats of a chemical resistant epoxy rather than the standard powder coating. Please let is know if these cabinets require mechanical ventilation so the correct ports can be fitted.