Nova School

We are your one stop shop for fixed educational furniture.

A designer range built to withstand the severe stresses a school environment can create. If the lifecycle of the product is important to you then look no further than novaschool.

We also have an ever growing range of loose furniture to accompany the fixed.

What's important
Good design, practicallity and longevity! We build all our products from compact laminate, giving a modern designer look, yet they are built to last.

Fixed or Loose
We manufacture bespoke furniture just for you, but with a keen eye on affordability.

Track record
We have been around for years and we fully intend to stay around! We have a host of satisfied customers throughout New Zealand and can forward referees who will sing our praises.

Happy schools

Our showrooms are located all over New Zealand. They are of course the schools we have already provided furniture to.

We can put you in touch with schools up and down the country to arrange a visist or a call. Hear from the user direct on our quality and after service care.


Project Overview
Hobsonville Point School (primary & secondary)

We were invited to help Hawkins Construction in their bid to win the first of the PPP schools in New Zealand.

At no cost to the client we were happy to do so, resulting in a winning combination from bid stage through to opening a fabulous primary school two years later, well on the way to the secondary school being opened on time and on budget for summer 2014.

As lifecycling of the furniture is key to success on PPP and PFI schools, it was imperative that we helped through the design process to ensure a designer look was achieved using the highest grade of material available to manufacturers, namely compact laminate. This means that the majority of the fitted furniture which Novaschool provided will last the full 25 year duration.

This gives a win win solution as it saves the Facilities Management company money in not having to re-fit furniture during the 25 year operating period, and also minimises disruption through areas not being available to the school through the furnitures performance.

No more having to replace science benchtops due to damage or food technology tops due to moisture ingress! Imagine the admin time alone that is saved to all parties.

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