Fume Cupboards

Novalab Systems manufacture high performance fume cupboards with an emphasis on safety, durability and reliability.

Where possible, we use use the best materials for the job and for the end user, rather than using products that are simply more convenient for the manufacturer.

Most fume cupboards are manufactured from PVC. AS/NZS 2243.8 : 2014 warns of the limitations of PVC fume cupboards in relation to heat and toxic fume production in the event of a fire. Whilst we cannot completely eliminate PVC from the construction, we do try to limit its use for the following reasons.

The cabinet body is manufactured from 13 mm thick compact laminate and the baffles are 6 mm thick. Compact laminates are the material of choice for a number of leading manufacturers and they provide significant safety and performance benefits for the end user.

Compact Laminate
Material Softening Point
Not applicable. Maintains structural stability even at higher temperatures.
600 c
Maximum Operating Temperature
1800 c
600 c
Solvent Resistance
Not recommended
Impact resistance
Ageing Characteristics
May become brittle over time
Fire performance
Fire retardant. Phenolic resins are used extensively in transport applications due to their excellent fire performance and low levels of toxic fumes and smoke
Will not burn easily, but once alight will produce hydrogen chloride gas. Will also melt given enough heat.