Suspended Underbench Storage

Novalab's underbench suspended cabinets are used in conjuction with the System 1000 framework. The cabinets can be easily clipped into the framework using our innovative suspension rail system. The cabinets can be relocated without the need for carpenters or vinyl layers. Whilst the cabinets are simple to re-locate, the hidden & recessed locking screws mean that the cabinet’s suspension mechanisms cannot easily be accessed by students or other unauthorized personnel.

Minor alterations to benches and frames are also possible, with minimal disruptions and no need for building alterations. 

System 1000 provides the basis for a variety of additional features and design options for the supply of electrical power, data, water and gas and for shelving. Please talk to us about your specific requirements.

  • Time critical elements are avoided with a modular system that can be “cut to fit” on site

  • Flexibility of a future proofed system where alterations for new practices and new machinery are simple and cost effective

  • Expandable with add on modules

  • Transportable – easily moved to new premises.