Professional Series Fitted Fume Cupboards


Novalab Systems manufacture high performance fume cupboards with an emphasis on safety, durability and reliability.

Where possible, we use use the best materials for the job and for the end user, rather than using products that are simply more convenient for the manufacturer.

Most fume cupboards are manufactured from PVC. AS/NZS 2243.8 : 2014 warns of the limitations of PVC fume cupboards in relation to heat and toxic fume production in the event of a fire. Whilst we cannot completely eliminate PVC from the construction, we do try to limit its use for the following reasons.

The cabinet body is manufactured from 13 mm thick compact laminate and the baffles are 6 mm thick. Compact laminates are the material of choice for a number of leading manufacturers and they provide significant safety and performance benefits for the end user.

Compact Laminate
Material Softening Point
Not applicable. Maintains structural stability even at higher temperatures.
600 c
Maximum Operating Temperature
1800 c
600 c
Solvent Resistance
Not recommended
Impact resistance
Ageing Characteristics
May become brittle over time
Fire performance
Fire retardant. Phenolic resins are used extensively in transport applications due to their excellent fire performance and low levels of toxic fumes and smoke
Will not burn easily, but once alight will produce hydrogen chloride gas. Will also melt given enough heat.


Novalab Professional series fume cupboards have been designed and developed to perform in a wide range of laboratory environments. From basic units through to the most demanding applications, Novalab Professional fume cupboards offer a number of unique features to the New Zealand market that makes them safer, more durable and user friendly.


For our range of ductless, re-circulating fume cupboards, please see our Cruma page 


All Novalab Professional series fume cupboards have the following features in common

Sash Material

The sliding front sash will be manufactured from the best material for the particular application.

Options are:

  • Toughened glass. Not suitable for use with hydrofluoric acid and may suffer long term damage in contact with hot, strong caustic.

  • Acrylic. Can be prone to scratches and not good with certain solvents.

  • Polycarbonate. Good for use with a wide range of aggressive chemicals. Very robust and almost unbreakable.

There is also the option for a single piece or a 2 piece split sash.

Control Systems

Novalab control systems comply with all aspects of  AS/NZS 2243.8 2014 and require minimal commissioning or maintenance. Every system is tested and then matched to each individual fume cupboard before it leaves our factory.

 Control system options include:

  • Standard push button controls for basic functionality.

  • Keypad entry/activation control. For additional safety, with this option the fume cupboard requires an activation code before it can be started. This ensures authorised use only and may be used to augment risk assessment practices.

  • MODBUS communication capabilities and building management interface

  • USB connection for network interface. Whilst fume cupboards cannot be turned on and off remotely, a network interface allows for improved monitoring of fume cupboard activity and, where required, unlock codes for improved implementation of risk assessment.

  • Onboard memory for data logs


Novalab provide a full range of services within the fume cupboard. Commonly asked for services include:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Combustible gas
  • Compressed air
  • Nitrogen
  • Other gasses



The Novalab Professional series offers all the safety and performance required for basic fume cupboard operation. The air volume is constant and balance is achieved by a by-pass system that always achieves maximum gas scavenging efficiency.

Professional Plus

 The Novalab Professional Plus has been designed for demanding work with the most aggressive chemicals and processes. The addition of a scrubber systems allows the cupboard to be used for hot acid digestions and additional wash down facilities also allow the use of perchloric and hydrofluoric acid. Scrubbers can be specified as once through fresh water systems, or re-circulating fluid supply complete with dosing and neutralising tank.



Effective and Reliable Air Flow Control

Variable air volume option. The control system varies the volume of air being drawn through the fume cupboard by altering the extraction fan speed in relation to the front sash position. The system constantly maintains a face velocity of 0.5 metres per second. Correctly used, this option will reduce the overall energy costs of running the fume cupboard.

AirActive Plus

Auto sash lowering.

In addition to the variable air volume system, the auto sash lowering option adds to the operating efficiency. An occupancy sensor detects if no one is working at that fume cupboard and the sash is automatically lowered after a pre-set interval. This reduces the airflow through the unit and further improves operating costs. Obstruction sensors ensure that the sash will not lower fully if there are objects in the fume cupboard opening.

Both these options are virtually “Plug and Play” systems. The airflow control is test run and calibrated in our factory before the fume cupboard leaves and the airflow sensors are pre-set. This means that once the fume cupboard is installed it will achieve the correct airflow from the first time it is turned on.

Both  AirActive and AirActive Plus options are available with either single duct per fume cupboard or manifold extraction systems.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote and full technical information.