Water Taps

The stock items below are the products most commonly supplied for New Zealand projects, and are usually available for immediate delivery. Non-stock items generally take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery from placement of order.

NB: where installations require individual backflow prevention, taps must be supplied with detachable nozzles.

All our tapware is manufactured by ISO9001-accredited Carlos Arboles tapware and according to DIN standards.

Please note all water and gas taps are supplied in white.

Water Taps
101.jpg  110.jpg  140.jpg 150.jpg
2103 & 2107F

Fixed swan neck with detachable serrated nozzle. Not shown on pic
2103 - For stainless steel bowls. 
2107F - For epoxy bowls.
115, 116

Single hole mixer tap. Moveable swan neck
140, 141, 142
Two hole mixer tap. Moveable swan neck
155, 156, 157
Two-hole mixer tap with swivel swanneck and wrist action handles
299.jpg  812.jpg  298.jpg  
Bib tap for special water, plastic head works
812, 813, 814

Two hole mixer with moveable swan neck
Angle tap with union hose for special water
Fume Cupboard - Water Control
 709.jpg  711.jpg  1701.jpg 
Bench or wall outlet
710, 711

Swan neck water outlet for fume cupboards (no controls)
1701, 1703, 1704, 1705, 1706

Front control valve

 133.jpg  BackFlowPreventor_s.jpg    


Water jet vacuum pump with anti-splash outlet

19484109 Back Flow Preventer

Nozzle mounted back flow preventer/vacuum breaker(Fitting the backflow preventer) 

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