Alsident Arms




Alsident arms are specifically designed to capture and remove fumes, vapours and light dusts created in a variety of environments.

Please refer to our section on fume cupboards if you are dealing with potentially toxic or highly corrosive materials. Alsident arms should not be used for these applications

Applications include:
  • Laboratories,
  • Food manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture
  • Electronics
  • Hair dressing and beauty salons

    Alsident arms can be bench, wall or ceiling mounted. They can easily cover a large work arc or be moved out of the task area when not needed. They can be supplied with knuckle joints connected by rigid lengths of pipe, or as completely flexible tube sections.

Options include:
  • Standard anodized aluminium tube with polypropylene knuckle joints
  • Chemical resistant, manufactured from polypropylene tubes and knuckle joints and stainless steel fittings
  • Antistatic, with chromated aluminium tubes and polypropylene joints

    Talk to us about your application and the range of package solutions we can offer, including duct work and extraction fans. Novalab will recommend the correct system to meet your requirements.

More more information about Alsident products, click here.