Peg Drainer Boards

Novalab Drying Racks are constructed to be durable, robust and practical
Backboard – Novalab Duratop. This material is completely moisture and chemical resistant.

Drainer pegs – moulded polypropylene. Each peg is manufactured with a back plate and 2 locating pins for secure fixing to the backboard. In the unlikely event that a peg is damaged or broken it can easily be replaced unlike pegs that are moulded into a plastic backboard.

Drip tray – shaped PVC. Designed to collect the run off from drying glass ware. The tray has a serrated nozzle outlet to attach a small hose if necessary to allow draining into a sink. The drain can be specified as left side, right side or centre.
Standard sizes are:
600 mm wide x 800 mm high - 28 pegs
800 mm wide x 1200 mm high - 58 pegs
Other sizes and configurations can be made to order.